The Walkin' Wheels Hock Splint

The Walkin' Wheels Hock Splint will accommodate injuries to the heel and stabilize the lower rear limb while keeping the paw free. This type of splint is ideal for Achilles Tendon problems and immobilization of the Hock joint.   

Note: The Hock splint will support the Hock or heel only and does not extend under the foot or paw of the animal. If full lower limb bracing is needed, please see our
Standard Rear Limb Splint.


  Sizing information: Price
X-Small Dog: For dogs 10-25 lbs. $63.74
Small Dog:  For dogs 25-40 lbs. $69.04
Medium Dog: For dogs 40-65 lbs. $73.20
Large Dog: For dogs 65-85 lbs. $94.76
X-Large Dog: For dogs 85-120 lbs. $94.76
hock splint

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